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The shirt fit perfect!! Room to wiggle. Very comfortable. Great for wearing on the weekends. I ordered the small. I weigh around 124lbs. My height is 5’4″.
Mi Celly

worked for whirlpool as a techician for 16 years untill they fired all of us.started my own business im all about the little guy.thanks……….
Daniella Figueiredo

I love them wear them everyday and polish them should last me years. I bought custom inserts and they work great
Joseph Andrew Maliberan

You will not be disappointed, buy this shirt! The material is thick and soft. After a number of washes the shirt has not become worn and the color has stayed nice and dark.
Danielle Buttry

These are soft and a great value for the price. They fit my pack and play perfectly.
Asmae Bakkali
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